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PayPal* (see PP Form below) - Check - MO - Money Transfer Service (MTS) - Trade Items
*PAYPAL: All PayPal Orders over $150 must be OKed by us first in writing

For Online Orders, please use ORDER FORM at:

$2.00 OFF all New Orders over $30 Placed by Mail, Fax, Online, Email (NOT to phone orders)



1. Selection Totals: (this sheet and all added sheets):$_________

2. Discounts (Publications only)
      [_]% Discount in Current Catalog + [_] $2 Off Mail and Fax Orders over $30 ($ ________)

3. Shipping/Handling (S/H): (Publications only )    [   ]$7 USA, APO, FPO 
        [  ] Canada, AK, HI, PR, VI, AS, GU, CM, TT (6% of 1. ($7 min., $19 max.)), or
        [  ] "Foreign" (all other addresses) (Surf./Air/Air Xpress: 15%/25%/29% of 1. ($15/$22/$29 Min))   $_____________

4. USA/CANADA Shipping Options (Add to S/H above) (RUSH: PMO, PP, MTS only):
      [_] USPS Priority (+$0)   [_]UPS Ground (+$6)     RUSH: [_] Overnight (+$29)    [_]  2nd-Day Air (+$24)  $____________

5. Method of Prepayment:
      [ ] PayPal  [ ] U.S./Canada ($US) Postal MO  [ ] MTS  [ ] Other MO  [ ] Check  [ ] Other: ________________
      [ ] Credit Card (VISA, MC, Discover only; complete CC section below - books, manuals, software only - no hardware, Special Projects)
      [ ] Money Transfer Service (MTS) ($100 min): Control #: ______________________ ($ amount same as 6.  below)

        No Bank Xfer to Us at this time, Sorry.
        [  ] Item(s) of Trade (must be first OKed to ship, and if OKed, it must be received & pre-approved by us; for list of many items we want, see ______________________________________  Agreed Value: $_____________

6.Total Due (1. - 2. + 3. + 4. + 5.(if applicable) + 5.8125% Sales Tax (NM residents only) $_______________

Where did you first hear about us?__ Net__PE__EN__N&V__Other: ___________________

CCard Orders: #: ________________________________ Exp.__/__ Bank: _________________

ALL Orders: Name:________________________________ Business:___________________________

Ship. Addr.: ____________________________________________________________________________


Phone #s (10-digit): Day (____)_____-________ Evening (____)_____-________ Date: ____/____/____

email address: ________________________________________________________

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Phone #s not required for orders paid for by check, MO or cash. Full payment must be included with order. For LIMITED WARRANTY, SPECIAL PROJECTS, payment and all other Policies, see Catalog. For Credit Card orders, phone must be listed to the verifiable Name at the Ship. Addr., and the Name, Ship. Addr., Bill. Addr. and Sign. must all be of the actual cardholder, and we ship in 3-7 work days of order receipt. NOTE: We are very finicky about CC orders: If all above does not check out, we will turn down the CC order. Foreign cardholderships are especially difficult to verify. You may wish to pay some other way (MTS is preferable for most foreign orders): See our Catalog Payment Policies for details. We usually ship within 2 work days for PMO, PP and MTS orders, allow 2+ weeks for check and other MO orders. Sorry, no COD. Send to:

P.O. Box 23097, ABQ, NM 87192, Fax: (call to schedule), Voice: 505-321-1034

PayPal: To pay by PayPal, you must have a bonafide PayPal account. If you do, here is how you can very simply order from us Fast: (1) (a) Print this Order Form out, complete it, and fax it to us at (call to schedule) (note that because of much fax spam, call us at 505-321-1034 to set up fax), or (b) copy and paste this Order Form into your email to us, then complete it, and then email it to us at: (in your email Subject Line, put: "PayPal Order" or similar). For your shipping address, use your PayPal address. (2) Go to the PayPal website,, log in as you normally would, go to Send Money, make your payment to us ("") for the amount you computed above (you may also include Overnight and 2nd. Day Air charges). (3) When we have verified that you paid us the correct amount, we will ship your order to the address PayPal provides us within two working days (usually same day) of our receipt of PayPal notification (barring any unforeseen problems).
           PAYPAL LIMITATIONS: If your total payment is over $49, we do not accept the following types of PayPal payment unless you receive prior explicit written permission from us: (1) Foreign PayPal. (2) PayPal paid for by credit card. (3) Orderer does not have a Confirmed PayPal Address.

NOTE: All products are sold for legal educational and entertainment purposes only under the Policies of our Current Catalog)

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