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**Credit card (CC) orders require greater scrutiny: Your name, address, phone # and email address must ALL be verifiable to YOU. Your name must be the same name as on the CC (if a corporate, institution, et al CC, also include that name as it appears on CC). Please note that we need these verifications to reasonably assure that we will get paid for our products as CC fraud is high. Because we usually cannot verify cardholdership in many foreign countries, CC approval of foreign CC orders (other than Canada) is unlikely, so please find another way to pay us (e.g. Postal M.O. (PMO), PayPal (PP), Money Transfer Service (MTS)). We respect your privacy, and we do NOT sell, trade or give-away our mail lists to anyone. Payment by PMO, PP or MTS is treated as same-as-cash for us and we fill these orders fast with absolute minimal fuss. CCs are not permitted for RUSH ORDERS (use PMO, PP or MTS instead - you get TOP PRIORITY + FASTEST SHIPPING). Since we can't verify cardholdership of most other countries CCs (Canada and a few others are OK), if overseas, please pay by some other means. Allow 3-4 working days to clear your CC before we can ship. To pay by MO or check or to order by mail or fax, please use our mail/fax ORDER FORM at==>
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Full payment must be included with order. For LIMITED WARRANTY, SPECIAL PROJECTS, payment and all other Policies, see Catalog. For Credit Card orders, phone must be listed to the verifiable Name at the Ship. Addr., and the Name, Ship. Addr., and Bill. Addr. must all be of the actual cardholder, and we ship 3-7 work days of order receipt. NOTE AGAIN: We are very finicky about CC orders: If all above does not check out, we will turn down the CC order. Foreign cardholderships are especially difficult to verify. You may wish to pay some other way (Postal M.O., Money Transfer Service (MTS) is preferable for most foreign orders): See our Catalog Payment Policies for details.

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