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Our INFAMOUS Off-The-Shelf Hardware
-We've Sold over the Years -
(and some Special Projects considered for OSH status)

(Some OSHs fall into more than one Category; read all of those that might apply or use your browser's FIND feature)
Historical Overview of our former infamous OFF-THE-SHELF Hardware Products
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Historical Descriptions

For about 10 years, Consumertronicsoffered its popular line of Off-the-Shelf Hardware (OSH) (hardware over-the-counter), and sold 100s of them. Most of our about 100 OSH devices and variations over the years were controversial, weird or wacky - why our customers loved them! Virtually all of our OSHs originated as Special Projects (SP) or from highly informed, mostly confidential sources. The claims we made for OSHs were based on our own experimental results, and by our customers and-or these confidential sources. As policy, we never have and do not now make any medical, paranormal or supernatural claims. For example, if a customer ordered a "psychic" device as a SP, we would make it for him/her based on his/her concept as to how the device should electronically function. Often, the client would leave its functional concept up to us, in which case we would use our own best theories that we felt applied - however, we would never claim that either the client's concept or our concept would produce an actual psychic device.

OSH is no longer available from Consumertronics. Many of the types of items described herein we can still do as non-functional models, mockups, replicas and novelty as unique Special Projects for legal educational and entertainment purposes only (see above).

All of the descriptions herein are provided for HISTORICAL PURPOSES ONLY only, and are of most of the OSH items we developed and offered at one time or another to show you the truly exciting and unbelievable eye-popping pioneering work we've done in electronic design and other areas:

 Former OSHs are listed by general category and in alphabetical order. MANY OF THE MANUALS and VIDEOS DESCRIBED HEREIN ARE STILL AVAILABLE - described in our main Catalog. Some of these items - those items with "(NLA)" (No Longer Available) in their titles - are not available in any functional form, including schematics (sorry, we cannot comment on why). IF they later become available, we will let you know in our Catalog, which we will also include any new or changed book, manual, video, software, service offers or policies. As a rule of thumb, please visit our Online Catalog monthly or order the hardcopy ($3 U.S. & Canada, $7 elsewhere, the hardcopy is never free) (please do not phone for updated information on our new offers or on items currently listed as NLA).

Again, hardware functionally similar or better to our non-NLA formerly OSH items described below cannot be purchased from us any longer (they were available only from us! - don't get fooled by the rip-offs of our original items found on some "hacker" websites - some of whom apparently don't even provide the device after you paid for it and some who require that you make bank transfers to banks in foreign countries), but in some of these cases (but not all), a copy of our proprietary schematics and plans may also be purchased as a SP without the hardware! This is an incredible change in our policies and one YOU should seriously consider. And because available former OSH products are functionally done as SPs, YOU can now specify new features and options not described below when they were OSHs, and YOU can change OSH features as you like (both at additional costs), or eliminate unneeded OSH features to save you money. And just as the OSHs routinely shipped with User Manuals, fresh alkaline batteries (if battery-powered), and all required accessories (eg: transducers, cables, connectors, etc) when they were offered as OSHs, that's how all of our SPs are also shipped. Note: While you may specify a SP by using a functional description similar to a former OSH that we can still offer, each SP is a unique, handmade and hand crafted device sold under our SP policies only.

ALL SP PROJECTS ARE UNIQUE AND PERFORMED STRICTLY FOR LEGAL EDUCATIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. NOTE: Not all devices available as SPs are available to everyone, in every possible form, or with every possible SP feature or option - each completed SP application is carefully and individually reviewed and evaluated, and only then do we decide whether or not we can make and sell you the specified item(s) or service(s). Please do NOT submit a SP application for any device that you cannot legally buy, possess, use or modify. In some cases, you may require a prior special licensing or permit to buy/possess/use/modify an item to make it legal for you, for example, a FCC license. In all such cases it is solely YOUR responsibility to acquire all required permits and licensing; as policy, Consumertronics never agrees to obtain permits or licensing as part of a contracted for Special Projects obligation.

NOTE: As policy, we cannot consider any project proposal unless you first formerly submit it to us as a Special Projects (ie: completed application, etc). Therefore, we never provide "ballpark" figures to estimate a projects cost or time, and we can't even commit ourselves as to whether or not we can/will even do the project - unless and until you formerly submitted it to us as a Special Projects. Keep in mind that whether or not we can do something for you as a Special Projects depends a lot on how you describe what you want and your intended use for it. To the best of your ability, your description must be clear and complete and be of something we can legally provide you. And it must all be in YOUR WORDS - we cannot supply any of the words filled out in the application form.

The "was" (former) prices listed below per unit are only indicative of what we typically charged for such a device of that nature and complexity WHEN we offered it (add 25% to approximate TODAY'S prices IF we designed and built as a SP the same or very similar way in quantities of 1-3). Approximate shipping weights are in brackets (includes packaging, rounded to next highest pound). Our SP program offers many possible device configurations, materials, sizes and shapes that will impact prices and weights. And since newer designs generally require fewer parts, they usually tend to lower prices and-or weights.



The AUTOMATED TEMPEST MODULE (NLA): NOTE: SORRY, THE ATM MODULE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE EVEN AS SALVAGED ELECTRONICS. BASED ON OUR CHECKING OF OUR SALVAGED HARDWARE AREA, WE ARE TOTALLY OUT OF THE FEW THAT MANAGED TO ESCAPE OUR ORIGINAL PURGE OF THEM A DECADE AGO. SINCE THERE IS NO CHANCE THAT WE WILL EVER MAKE THE ATM MODULE EVER AGAIN, WE HAVE EVEN DESTROYED OUR ATM MODULE FOLDER SO THAT THE ATM MODULE PLANS DON'T HAVE ANY CHANCE OF FALLING INTO THE WRONG HANDS. The ATM Module (a la"Terminator 2" movie and is originally described in our infamous and popular, "Automatic Teller Machines" manual) is an incredibly versatile device that records and plays back control signals produced by electromechanical devices to force them to repeat certain desired machine actions. Functional Description: The small, very flat spiral antenna is inserted into the machine (eg: into a slot or between PC cards). A button is then pushed that causes the ATM to electronically record the sequences of machine control signals that were used to trigger actions that you need repeated over and over and over again. Then, each time a button is pushed, the control signal is faithfully played back to the control circuitry through the silver dollar-size, very flat spiral antenna to repeat the machine action. The signal can also be replayed in a lab setting at the same, reduced or increased speed or digitized for analysis purposes. Great piece of test equipment. Includes description of how the ATM works and its most profitable settings! Was available to everyone - not just Hollywood big-shots! [3 lb], was $1195.

The VERY FLAT SPIRAL ANTENNA: Same type of highly-specialized very unique spiral antenna used with The ATM Module above. We could do any size from dime-size to 12" diameter size, and in any gauge of wire from 30-gauge to 10-gauge (26-gauge most common, the thicker the gauge the thicker the completed antenna), single-layer and multi-layer (mutli-layer has greater inductance but is also thicker), and copper or nichrome. Great not only for getting an antenna through thin slots, cracks, openings, and spaces between PC boards for diagnostic and control purposes, but also for biomedical, feedback, remote control, electronic implants, magnetic field generation, metal detectors, communicators, works of art, jewelry, crafts, wall mountings, work mats, heating mats, coasters, conversational pieces, etc. [1-2 lb], was $29 for silver dollar-size antenna by itself.

The SLOT MACHINE MASTER (NLA): Concerned about the vulnerabilities of slot machines? Are some unfairly "stuck" so that they seldom or never produce good payoffs? Are others "luckier"? Can certain output combinations predict future ones? Our popular SMM transmits an RF signal that affects the outcome combinations of many slot machines. Now includes automatic scanning for all codes and a lock switch for locking into those codes that work for the machines of interest! The SMM is small, battery-operated and has an effective range of about 15 feet. Originally invented by a slot machine mechanic. Our 2nd best word-of-mouth seller! [1 lb], was $599.

The VIDEO POKER MASTER (NLA): Although its theory of operation and electronic design are much different than that of the SMM, the VPM functions similarly to the SMM but with respect to Video Poker Machines! [1 lb], was $599.

The ULTIMO SECURITY CAMERA FOILER: We've invented a simple, lightweight, easy-to-use, very effective 2-piece device that defeats the photos and videos taken by security cameras. The camera need not be touched or damaged in any way. Now, before it's to late, test your system against the USCF. [1 lb], was $69.



The CHILD FINDER & BUMPER-BEEPER: Ever temporarily "lost"" your child at a mall, park, etc.? You know what king of a gut-wrenching terror that is! The CF&BB can be secretly put in your child's pocket or pinned to clothing. You then monitor with a small FM radio. Any change in the signal will alert you to a change in his position. Now you can more easily find him should he wonder off or someone try to take him. The CF&BB is also great for wandering pets; wildlife studies; to monitor family members with bad problems; and to find cars (eg: your car gets stolen). The range of the CF&BB is up to about .5 miles. Comes with velcro for most attachments, and with magnets that quickly snap onto the bottom of the vehicle or other part. Transmitter only. [1 lb], was $295.

DATA CARD READER/SLAVE-WRITERs: The DCRSW was designed so that you can simply, quickly, accurately, automatically copy the magnetic stripe data from any data card to any other! Great for producing high-quality copies! Battery-operated and portable. Unlike the typical "hacker" versions, our popular DCRSWs used professional Read and Write DATA Heads (NOT analog cassette heads that don't work for data!), professional data card slides, our proprietary ultra-low noise differential input/differential output instrumentation amp circuitry. And our DCRSW works for any combination of 75 and 210 fci (flux changes/inch) data densities. User Manual included much info on reading and writing data card stripes. Works regardless of encryption scheme or data format used - even defeats magnetic "fingerprint"/signature security! 2-Track, Low-Coercivity Version, [2 lb], was $1495. 3-Track, High- & Low-Coercivity (HICO/LOCO) Version, [3 lb], was $1995.

The DELUXO PANIC ALARM: Not a day goes by without someone in your area being violently attacked in the workplace or home! Or if you live or work alone, you could get seriously injure or fall ill and no one is there to help! Acting immediately often saves lives and prevents rapes and robberies. Nothing does that better than a panic alarm. Manually dialing for help can take too long, while a pushbutton switch (PBS) can be placed closer to you than a phone, in a hidden place quickly, easily, and secretly activated! The DPA can give you full panic alarm protection! You can select any combination of built-in visual (flashing light) and audio buzzer alarm. In addition, the DPA has these built-in outputs (also all automatically activated) used in any combination you need: (1) +9 VDC. (2) Relay contact Close. (3) Relay Contact Open. (4) Speaker output - all to accommodate numerous types of external interfaces (eg: as a night alarm in motel rooms to detect someone trying to enter your room). PBS comes with extension cable, and can be mounted up to 9 ft. away from the DPA module, is protected from accidental activation, and requires only one finger to activate. Battery-operated to protect you even against power outages. Can be carried on you, or placed near you. Portable, [1 lb], was $395.

The DWELLING SECURITY SYSTEM: We live in increasingly brutal times! Whether you own, reside in or work in a single-family house or mobile home, apartment, motel/hotel, dorm, RV, cabin or tent, securing your dwelling (and business) against unauthorized access protects you and your loved ones from burglary, robbery, vandalism, arson, assault, rape and even murder! Motels/hotels are especially unsafe! The DSS instantly alerts you to anyone tampering with a door or window.

Tilt is detected as a change of position from ANY initial position (the DSS is smart!). Alarm activation time is adjustable from about 2 sec. to 2 min. (with manual + auto resets). The DSS is versatile, portable and battery-operated (and especially power-stingy). It is the ideal travel companion. The DSS can also be used to guard property items (eg: vehicles, farm and industrial equipment, tool chests, computers, electronics, fenced areas, storage areas, etc). And the DSS can be used for any other activity in which Tilt, Touch or Continuity detection is needed (eg: games, RF field indicators, etc). [4 lb], was $395.

The FLASH BLASTER: Concerned about personal security but don't want to use a gun to prevent attack or property invasion? Bothered by pests but don't want to use poisons or traps on them? The FB flashes simultaneously up to 4 photo flash units by manual switch, on a timed periodic basis or randomly. The FB works on these principles:

The FB came enabled for 4 outputs and includes one photoflash unit. [2 lb], was $395. Each additional flash was $35 [1 lb.]

The LONG-RANGE EAVESDROPPER: The LRE is a highly directional, long-range audio surveillance device -great for all you "animal watchers"! We invented some very unique technology that makes the LRE exceptionally directional and sensitive (comparable to parabolic mikes), and unlike any current similar device. Built into a common portable object, you can secretly eavesdrop on low-level audio targets up to 50 feet away. [3 lb], was $395.

The TOP SECRET SPY: This is the ultimate device for secret home and office video observation! Worried about how your child got all of those black and blue marks? Is your spouse being "naughty"? Are your employees trustworthy? Interested in secrets? No-one can detect the hidden TSS. The Spy is a complete high-quality video system about the size of a golf ball that produces a very sharp and focused B/W image that is recorded directly by your VCR or displayed on a TV monitor (neither supplied), or both simultaneously. Includes all cabling for direct VCR plug-in. In a hurry? For instant use, order our Spy already hidden into a beautiful decorative sports car replica. Can sit on a shelf and record anything in the room without being detected. Or as a Special Projects, we will mount the spy into any object you or we provide. [1 lb], was $199. TSS in car replica was $325 [2 lb].

UNIVERSAL GARAGE DOOR & SECURITY GATE OPENER: Lost your garage door/security gate opener? Need another one? Need to open more than one? This nifty device will automatically scan all of the 1000s of possible codes used by many garage and security gates quickly. [1 lb], was $299.

The 4 VOICE DISGUISERs (NLA): Effective against threats of violent crime caused by strangers, disgruntled mates, stalkers, crackpots, etc, and against bill collectors who harass and prey upon vulnerable people. Our VDM's are ANALOG and smoothly amplify certain parts of the voice bandwidth while smoothly attenuating other parts. The VDM comes with a high-quality mike, easily attached to the phone's handset. If you have a soft and/or high-pitched voice, the Low-Pitched VDM converts it into a loud, gruff, low-pitched voice (with little loss of clarity) that quickly impresses the caller that there is a man in the house. If your voice is too-low pitched or gruff, the High-pitched VDM will serve your needs. The combined High-Low Programmable VDM. NASA Version. Invented by NASA but improved by us; excellent voice clarity; male/female switch. The LO-PITCHED VDM was $95. The HI-PITCHED VDMwas $125. The HI-LO PROGRAMMABLE VDMwas $195. The NASA VERSIONwas $155. Each [1 lb].

The WILLIAMS' VAN ECK SYSTEM: The incredible WVES lets you remotely monitor TV and computer monitor video displays (from their EM emanations) using a TV or multisync monitor and the very special SYNREST device. Range up to about 1 KM. Just imagine all of the fascinating activities others are having on computers and TVs! You were missing all of the fun and PROFIT-until now!



The BUG & TAP DETECTOR & BLASTER: Phone conversations are not secure. Some bugs and taps (eg: an infinity bug) can turn your phone into a room mike while it is hung up. Without the BTDB will detect all but the most sophisticated types of bugs and taps. Bugs and taps can then usually be blasted off the line with the push of a button (high-voltage pulse train). [2 lb], was $229. Bug & Tap Detector function only. [1 lb], was $59.

The CALL LENGTH LIMITER: If you've ever opened up a phone bill and was shocked to find that the charges were far beyond your wildest fears, then you know how important it is to limit the length of phone calls - one way or the other! The CLL will not permit a phone call to exceed the length you select for it. Comes with a simple rotary switch for selecting times, and it gives off a beep and light flash 10 seconds before automatic call termination. [1 lb], was $95.

The CALL WAITING SIMULATOR: With the CWS, you simply push Button #1 and it produces the telltale sounds of Call Waiting. Push Button #2 and the CWS suspends the current call as if you really did have Call Waiting. [1 lb], was $59.

The DTMF DECODER: Ever recorded the dialing of a phone number on a touch-tone phone and tore your hair out trying to guess the number? Play back the recorded dial tones through the DTMFD and it scroll-displays the dialed number. Or view the number displayed real time when the phone or any extension is being dialed, or after you Redial. Comes with both tape recorder Bear" and RJ-11 connectors. Great for use with authorized surveillance operations (not a Caller ID). [2 lb], was $199.

The INCOMING CALL SIMULATOR: Functionally same as the CWS above, except that it simulates the ringing of another phone in the office. [1 lb], was $59.

MISSING CALL + OFF-HOOK INDICATOR: The MCI lights an LED when it receives a ring signal, and another LED if the handset was lifted Off-Hook (ie: the call was answered). Plugs into any phone outlet. Ideal for those times when you must step out while expecting a call, when you need to observe for unauthorized and-or unreported phone uses, and when you need to ferret out some types of bugs and taps, and as a ringer substitute. [1 lb], was $95. To add LED blinks to equate to the number of times the phone rang or went Off-Hook, add $35 for each required.

The OFF-HOOK ALARM: Have you ever waited for an important call only to later realize to your horror that the anxiously- awaited caller called but couldn't get through because an extension was left Off-hook? The OHA starts to loudly beep if the phone is Off-hook for more than 2 minutes with no detected voice. [1 lb], was $69.

RED BOX & BLUE BOXES: RBs were traditionally designed to make free payphone calls, while BBs make free long-distance calls. RB's still work in most places! Although of great historical and sentimental value that goes back to the hippies of the 1960's BBs do not now work on most U.S. phones (see our popular, "Beyond Phone Color Boxes" manual for box plans and descriptions). However, they're still both a blast to experiment with and to show off. While other "hacker" boxes are primitively designed, our boxes use state-of-the art circuitry that duplicates the precise freqs AND waveforms used by telcos. Lots of fun to experiment with (but pay for all of your calls)! The PHO-PRO RED BOXwas $295. The PHO-PRO BLUE BOXwas $395. The COMBO RB/BB PURPLE BOXwas $595. [1 lb] each.

REMOTELY ACTIVATED INTERFACE: Concerned about feeding your pets, remotely activating/deactivating security equipment, turning ON the heating/cooling/coffee, etc during or just before you get home from home or business absence? With the RAI, you simply call home (using a Touch-Tone phone) anywhere in the world; when your answering machine (not supplied) responds, you enter the 2-key code, and the RAI instantly activates for 1-300 seconds. While activated, the RAI produces 12 VDC, 120 VAC, and relay closure outputs (all up to 5 amps each) to activate relays, motors, solenoids, and-or additional electronic devices. [3 lb], was $249.

The SHRIEK MODULE: No longer must you suffer with the fear, indignity, insult, and inconvenience of obscene and harassing phone calls! Caller ID is ineffective against many smart harassers who block their calls or call out of area. The SM produces an ear-piercing shriek simply by pushing a switch. Its shriek is so loud that it can cause excruciating pain to the caller. Because the SM is electronically connected directly to the phone line, its resulting sound is far louder than that possible with any whistle or other audio device that is attenuated by the phone circuitry. In addition to its use as a powerful weapon against harassers of all kinds. The SM:

A real lifesaver. [1 lb], was $95.

The 2-LINE TO 1-LINE CONVERTER: If your home or business has 2 phone lines and you have a bucket-full of 1-line equipment, this nifty device will allow you to instantly switch from one phone line to the other so your 1-line equipment can access either line. Saves you the great cost of buying a lot of 2-line equipment. [1 lb], was $39.

The ULTIMO LINEMAN'S TEST SET: The infamous ULTS is used by phone snoops and phreakers to eavesdrop on phone conversations, make free LD phone calls, avoid all risks of identification caused by ANI, Caller ID and Call Trace, and to run your own ANIs on the phone lines you may encounter. Our ULTS was the cordless version for much greater convenience and personal security. Came with alligator clips and RJ-11 connectors, and mike mute switch. Battery-operated base unit. Very popular. [3 lb], was $295. Popular options: 4x range extension, add $59. Black Box Interface: Increased its stealthiness, and notifies you when the line is in use, add $69.



The LINE PHASE COUPLER: Power-line intercoms, control units, antenna systems and other devices that transmit signals through power lines usually work only on those outlets wired to the same 110-120 VAC leg of 220-240 VAC systems. Those on the other leg (the other 50%) are blocked by the pole transformer, forcing you to hunt and peck for those outlets that will work, thus limiting you to only rooms served by the same leg. The LPC instantly corrects the problem. A 220-240 VAC outlet is required (eg: drier, stove). User-installed. [1 lb], was $49.

LINE SIGNAL STRENGTH TESTER: Test signal strength at any 120 VAC outlet for power-line intercoms, control units, antenna systems, etc. The LSST also ferrets out the popular type of room bugs that transmit through power lines and that can't be detected using any RF emissions testing (because they are not RF bugs). User supplies his own voltmeter: [2 lb], was $69. We include the voltmeter: [4 lb], was $159.

The (Stopping) POWER METERS EDUCATIONAL MODULE: The need to understand how power and energy meters work - even how they are slowed and stopped - is skyrocketing as rapidly as utility costs! After decades of designing SPM-type equipment for numerous makes and models of meters and types of uses, we developed the popular PMEM! See our popular and infamous, "The SPM MANUAL" and "KW-HR METERS" manuals, and especially our popular, "The SPM VIDEO"! So we can optimize your PMEM, describe the make and model of your meter, size of your service (eg: "150 Amp"), and the general types of loads you have (eg: "resistive," "inductive" or "about equal"). [3 lb], was $595.

The Williams' VORTEX GENERATOR: After years of making and testing air Vortex Generators, we offered our famous WVG! A "Vortex Generator" is a 3-port device: Ambient air is pumped into one port, and very hot air escapes through the 2nd port and very cold air through the 3rd. VGs do not use any kind refrigerant, electricity or fossil fuel, and have no moving parts to wear out! VGs are great for numerous heating and cooling uses. Incredible scientific phenomenon! [5 lb], was $595.



The CARJACKING & KIDNAPPING FOILER: We live in increasingly brutal times! People are being dragged out of their cars on busy streets, shot and stabbed and their vehicles and possessions stolen! Now, with the C&KF, a flick of a switch will set off a timer (select 5-300 sec), after which time and if the car is in motion, the C&KF will activate. The C&KF provides switched N.O. relay contacts (2), N.C. relay contacts (2), +12 VDC (up to 5 amp), and 8-ohm speaker outputs. Activate the C&KF with toggle switch, "grenade type" pull-pin, or remote pushbutton. Manual deactivation. The C&FK is extremely versatile. You can set it up to operate in conjunction with your vehicle's speaker(s), horn(s), and-or light(s). And-or with those that you provide. You can connect up a cassette recorder to scream out any message, such as, "Help! Police!", "This Car Stolen!", etc. The C&FK can be wired to disconnect the car's ignition system, dispense Mace (where legal), etc. The C&KF can be placed under the hood, in the cab, or in the trunk. If carjacked, quickly and secretly switch the C&KF ON, then flee the vehicle to avoid injury. Crook then gets the unpleasant surprise when vehicle is safe distance away from you. Arrest and recovery should be much more likely. The C&KF must be interfaced and installed by the customer. While the User Manual cites many examples as to how it can be used, it does not cover every one of the 1,000s of possible uses it can be put to, or include the wiring diagrams of individual vehicle electrical systems. [3 lb], was $495.

The KX RADAR EMITTER: The KXRE forces popular K-, X-, Ka- and Ku-Band Doppler radars to display certain discrete speeds (25, 35, 55, 65 MPH), regardless of the speed of the KXRE platform. It can be triggered ON manu ally (1-100 sec) or automatically be radar detector-activated. Plugs into the cigarette lighter. The KXRE can also be used to calibrate radar guns, to test radar detectors, and in microwave commo and signaling systems. With a radar detector, it can also be used to detect and count people, vehicles, livestock, baseballs, etc. We customize the KXRE for you for any combo of K, X, Ka and Ku outputs. The unit does not come with the Gunn Oscillator/Feedhorn Antenna (GOFA) assembly sets, all sold separately. KXRE [3 lb], was $495. X-Band GOFA was $295; K-band GOFA was $395; Ka-Band GOFA was $595; Ku-Band GOFA was $595 (each [1 lb]).

The LIDARO (NLA): The LIDARO converts ordinary motorcycle and vehicle-type headlamps into powerful InfraRed (IR) emitters, with little or no visible light present. The LIDARO is effective in disrupting "laser radar" (ie: lidar) types of detection. User-installed (because normal headlights are a vehicle safety feature, we do not recommend their use with LIDARO, but the installation of additional lamps for that purpose). [3 lb], was $495.

The "STREET SWEEPER": The SS is the same design as our popular KXRE except that the SS produces a powerful microwave white noise field capable of jamming all radar guns in its path on that band. Great countermeasure for any type of GHz attack! Comes without the Gunn oscillator/feedhorn antenna sets. See above KXRE description for antenna set prices (supports K-, X-, Ka-, and Ku-bands). [3 lb], was $495.



The EM VORTEX GENERATOR: The EMVG produces EM Vortexes that duplicate on a small scale those our research found in the Sedona, AZ area - legendary for increasing psychic and spiritual powers and awareness and healing. See our popular, "Sedona Magic" manual. Six physically-adjustable tyne antennas are arrayed in a cone-like assemblage. Programmable intensity, rotational (ie: stepping) freq, rotational direction, EM field freq, duration, and duty cycle. Permits manually-operated (pushbutton switch) stepping, and external stepping and EM field freq outputs. Produces unusual, weird, strange and other-worldly effects. Great for experimenting with EM focusing. [6 lb], was $995.

The HEAL THYSELF SYSTEM (NLA): As described in our popular, "Heal Thyself" manual, our HTS generates same types of Pulsed EMFs (PEMFs) as the FDA-approved therapy devices for the accelerated healing of bone fractures and related injuries and the healing of some that resist normal healing. Every day you are laid up with a serious injury is painful and will easily cost you big bucks in medical charges and lost income. Doctors, clinics and hospitals may charge you $3,000 per therapy to have their PEMF system applied to you for a limited period - and you don't even get to keep their system! Tunable, with selectable ranges. Coils can be applied to skin or a cast (no electrodes are used - no electrical contact is made between the HTS and your body). Includes the HTS module, Helmholtz coils. [4 lb], was $695.

The HEARING ASSISTOR (NLA): Call it a "Hearing Aid" if you will, but we can't legally call it that (FDA Regs). With the HA, you can tune the output over the high-band, mid-band and low-band individually and independently to optimize YOUR hearing for YOUR particular kind of problem. And you can easily adjust for any future needs. Includes an attachment for picking up sound on a highly directional basis to help you hear in noisy environments. The HA cost a fraction of the typical hearing aid! [1 lb], was $295.

The HIERONYMUS MACHINE: Modern adaptation of the classical, popular, effective and versatile HM to detect and measure EM emanations from materials. Used traditionally in Radionics, but also has many material science and psychic powers experimental uses. [5 lb], was $865. Plans for the Classical Hieronymus: Completely labeled schematic for the original Hieronymus, computer-drawn. Still available, $95.

The MAGNETIC DETECTOR: The ultra-sensitive MD uses a tiny sensor that detects magnetic fields as low as 65 gauss! The MD determines not only whether or not something is magnetized (even faintly), but its magnetic polarity - ideal for decoding magnetic lock keys, and for probing inside disk drives, watches and other small openings, and for detecting embedded magnetite. Magnetic poles smaller than a pin head can be detected. Small, portable, battery-operated. Unlike most commercial magnetic detectors, the MD is immune from ambient electric fields. [1 lb], was $295.

The MULTI-USE MAGNETOMETER: The MUM is a powerful, versatile, and sensitive electronic instrument used to detect and measure the magnetic field component of EMFs that occur naturally or are man-made (eg: wires and magnetic, electrical and electronic equipment). The MUM is one of our most practical and heavily used lab and field instruments. Major uses:

The MUM is easy to use. It includes 3 antennas (loop, pancake and cylinder). With Sensitivity Adjustment. Includes meter, lamp and sounder indicators. [2 lb], was $345.

The OMNIMAX TENS SYSTEM: TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) devices ideally function to relieve chronic pain and nerve-related disorders (eg: twitching muscles), to accelerate the healing processes, to relax nerves, to promote rest and sleep, as in invigorator, to minimize snoring, for Radionics research, and as a general lab stimulator. Lesser TENS devices meet only few of these functions (and even then only on a limited basis). Don't confuse the OTS with the other $600 - $900 TENS devices (eg: the Myostim system), that uses only 1 transistor (no IC) per channel! The OTS is so powerful that we also use it as electronic lab signal generators. 1-Channel: [2 lb], was $395. 2-Channel (2 independent channels, same case and power supply): [3 lb], was $695.

The NEUROPHONE DEVICE: Incredible, unique and visionary device that converts speech and other complex and highly redundant audio freq signals into a much more concentrated and compact form that can be transmitted over a much narrower bandwidth, and over greater distances through various materials. The ND is of particular interest to:

The ND comes battery-operated and single-channel. Versatile, fascinating and useful. Modern IC Version, [4 lb], was $995. Transistorized (traditional, but using modern transistors) Version, [5 lb], was $895. Plans for transistorized version - still available - $195.

The RIFE DEVICE (NLA): The RD is, in essence, the "Electromagnetic Drugstore." RD therapy is also traditionally known as, "Frequency Instrument Therapy." The RD uses specially-generated square waves, according to its original developers, was used to treat 100s of different maladies ranging from Acne to Yellow Fever (depending upon the selected Radionics freq). Output signals are as originally designed. Came with the "official" Official Rife Device Frequency List(ORDLF). [4 lb], was $1795.

The ULTRASONIC STIMULATOR: Ultrasonic energy is routinely used to unclog tiny drafting and printer pen tubes, and minute debris from the surfaces of delicate contact lenses. When you run the specially-designed Ultrasonic Transducer of our Ultrasonic Stimulator over your scalp or body parts, just consider the kind of microscopic stimulating massage effect that its ultrasonic energies will do for you! Ahhhh! Feels so invigorating and restorative! Ultrasonics is proven to work time and time again where no other technology works! [2 lb], was $695.



The EM-FIELD DOWSER: This nifty device will allow you to instantly detect subtle and telltale variations and fluctuations in the EMFs of an area or on a person. All objects absorb and radiate distinct EMF "signatures." EMF changes from normal may indicate the presence of water, oil, minerals, future earthquake activity, and various health conditions. The PPD will increase your sensitivity to such subtle EMFs by as much as a factor of one million! Audio and LED indicators. With Sensitivity Adjustments to boost dynamic range and tunability. [2 lb], was $395.

The EM OCEAN MACHINE: One of the biggest problems associated with residual and time-delayed manifestations of EM attack, harassment and noise, is trying to reverse or counteract these often very serious problems. Many purported victims have fervently asked us to develop an effective countermeasure against these residual and delayed manifestations. It is well-known that many people are soothed from the daily cacophony of audio noises in their lives by listening to ocean sounds. We believe that the same relief can be realized in the EM realm by modulating ocean-like sounds with a certain microwave freq. [6 lb], was $595.

The "GHOSTBUSTER" (NLA): Concerned about spirits and ghosts? Detect them with the GB! The GB is an ultra-sensitive device that will detect the presence or nearness of virtually anything that produces or disturbs the ambient static electric field. This is the same device used by many paranormal researchers! Worried that someone is hiding in your home, business or vehicle? - Let the GB warn you! With Sensitivity Adjustment to boost dynamic range. [2 lb], was $395.

The HI-PULSE JAMMER/ZAPPER (NLA): Our extensive researches into EM weaponry (and Radionics) - including on-site investigations of actual cases - have resulted in a high level of expertise in EM weaponry and countermeasures. The technology for powerful and invisible EM attacks exists - attacks that have harassed, controlled, crippled, and "poisoned"! We have been able to verify in the field most of those we've investigated. Do you hear:

We combined our technical expertise in our previous EM countermeasure devices with much additional R&D to invent a powerful new EM countermeasure device, the HPJZ, that sends out strings of killer pulses designed to both jam and possibly physically wipe out offending EM transmitters, surveillance devices, offending radio and TV-type receivers, pirate transmitters, etc - even the newest EM devices. Portable and powerful. [4 lb], was $1249.

SCANNERS - The DEVICE! (NLA): Ever want to forcibly, yet secretly, project YOUR THOUGHTS into other people and-or animals as an overpowering EM signal? After years of secret experimentation, we've developed Scanners - The Device! The ultra-high gain, ultra-low noise and distortion brainwave (and other biologic signal) amplifier coupled to a powerful and effective, yet highly directional, EM transmitter is an absolute must for all serious students and practitioners of Psychic or Mind Control Lab, Weaponry and Countermeasure applications. Range is about 50 feet. Portable, battery-operated; can be attached to a helmet or hat or on/inside clothes, carried in the hand, or concealed inside or behind any nonmetallic object less than 6" thick. [2 lb], was $1299.

The ULTIMATE WEAPONS & LAB DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM: The UW&LDS is a very powerful, effective, highly directional and totally quiet system used in theoretical and applied research into EM weaponry and psychological and physiological manifestations (eg: behavioral modification and mind control). The UW&LDS uses programmable modulated GHz waveforms. Hand-held and portable. Range exceeds 1 KM. User manual includes operation details, insights and tips. The UW&LDS is a complete EM weapons/lab device experimental development system. [12 lb], was $3450. CAUTION: The UW&LDS can produce boresight waveforms that are extremely dangerous!

The ULTRA AURA DETECTOR: Some say that everyone has a unique Aura, and that unusual fluctuations in one's Aura can indicate disease, injury or some other unknown presence. Some say that your Aura is actually the shadow of your spirit or soul or that of your Guardian Angel or of a departed loved one enveloping and protecting you as you go through life. And some say that some gifted people are so sensitive that they can detect this Aura. Even in cases where this may be true, less-sensitive observers cannot verify whether or not the medium is actually detecting all of the Auras or just some of the Auras, or is detecting something else or nothing at all. The UAD was designed to electronically detect the presence of Aura, so that YOU can map YOUR own Aura (and that of others). Basically, you waive its special sensor over parts of your body or that of an animal and determine the aura's hot and cold spots. [2 lb], was $1295.

The UNKNOWN PRESENCE DETECTOR (NLA): One of our all time most exciting devices! The UPD was designed to detect the presence of nearby unseen entities. An unseen entity could be an actual human or animal hidden or out-of-sight from you, or it could be some unseen disturbance nearby that is of an invisible nature to the normal human senses. [2 lb], was $695.



The SUBLIMINAL MIXER/AMP: Subliminal messaging is a widely used method to break bad habits, for automatic learning, to keep customers honest, improve sales, enhance psychic/spiritual experiences, and mind control. The SMA is designed so that the amplification level of the subliminal message directly and near instantaneously depends upon that of the main audio (ie: Dynamic Tracking). The ratio of the subliminal message to that of the main audio is nearly constant through the entire range of the main audio to maximize subliminal transfer at all audio levels, and to prevent detection during low main audio levels. Compare our design to the inferior ones used in most other commercial "subliminal mixers" where the subliminal level is constant and does not depend upon the main audio level. The SMA comes with 3 audio input sections: Main #1, Main #2, and Subliminal. Each input section comes with both tape "Ear" and mike inputs. A switch is provided that allows you to mix Main #1 with Subliminal, or Main #1 with Main #2. SMA freq response is 15 Hz - 20K Hz. Single Channel: [2 lb], was $295. Stereo: [3 lb], $575. Each additional channel was $275 [1 lb].

The ULTRA ULTRASONIC DETECTOR (NLA): The UUD is designed to Detect the presence of ultrasonic sounds in your environment - from the very weakest to the very strongest (gain is tunable from 5,000 to 500,000), in the 20-70 KHz band. Directional and tunable. Ideal for ferreting out ultrasonic bugs, pain field generators, and commo systems (will demodulate some). [3 lb], was $295.

The ULTRA ULTRASONICS JAMMER: The UUJ has several important uses. These include warding off feral dogs and dangerous pests (insects to rodents). Includes a means of protecting yourself from unwanted ultrasonic surveillance and painful, debilitating and dangerous ultrasonic pain field generator attacks. 20-70 KHz band. [3 lb], was $285.

The ULTRASOUND EQUALIZER: The UE produces irritating ultrasound shrieking (adjustable) by manual switch, or randomly. The UE has these uses:

The UE is portable, Hand-held, and battery-operated, and is enabled for 4 outputs. The UE is also simply placed or mounted (includes velcro and screw-type mountings). 2 lb], was $495.



The ALIEN BRAINBLASTER (NLA): How can you escape capture if your abductor knows your every thought? Extraterrestrials are believed to communicate with each other and with humans using mental telepathy. Often, UFO abductees aren't given the chance to escape since their captors can predict their every move. At least until now! Based upon our telepathic research, the ABB disrupts telepathic communications, creating a Telepathic-Free Environment for its potential victims, thus protecting them from the telepathic reading, interference, and control of their thoughts and emotions, or the location of their beings. [2 lb], was $395.

STEALTH PAINT MIXTURE(NLA): Top Secret Consumertronics formulation of certain ferrites and other inert powder materials that can be easily mixed in with paints, composites, cements, fillers, et al and applied both to the outside and inside of surfaces to grossly cut down on radar returns and scatter radar signals. Enough for 1 gallon of paint. [1 lb], was $95.

AUTOMATIC PET FEEDER (SOLIDS DISPENSER): The APF is a sophisticated automatic solids dispenser system, most popular as a dry pet food dispenser. Repetition Time can be set from 90 secs to 83.3 hrs, in 30 sec intervals. On Time can be set from 0.5 - 10 secs. Great for trips and other stays away from home! Prices were $350 - $950, [4-10 lb]. The APF Module Dispenser Unit Output delivers 12 volt pulses (up to 3 amps), and it can be used to operate other electronic devices, relays, etc for any general long-term timing application. The APF Dispenser Unit consists of a Food Container with a solenoid-driven spring-closed trapdoor which opens and closes, based on APF Module commands, to dispense solids. Many different types, shapes, sizes and weights of solids are possible. Describe: (A) Size of the Food Container desired, (B) Solids to be dispensed, (C) Quantity to be dispensed at each activation.

The (KEY)-REMINDER: Whatever you want to keep track of is activated the instant that it (or an extension of it, such as a flange) is pulled from the KR's clip. After an adjustable delay period (5 sec - 5 min), an alarm activates (9 VDC and relay closure outputs are also provided) to remind you that you forgot to return the item to its proper place. The KR works with any metallic or non-metallic object you can fit into its "dollar holder" type clip, including keys, tools, equipment, vehicle, clothes, child, pet, money wad - you name it! [2 lb], was $195.

The LONG-RANGE INFRARED DETECTOR: Detect the presence of things that generate heat without having to see or hear them first! The LRID is an ultra-sensitive infrared (IR) detector that will alert you to heat sources up to about 200 feet away. The LRID includes LED beeper indicators as well as switched 9 VDC and relay closure outputs (eg: for burglar alarm uses). The LRID can also be used to detect when a heat source leaves an area (eg: to monitor a child or pet). And to verify when equipment is turned or left ON of OFF. Uses a unique, rugged, and highly effective method of concentrating heat! Particularly sensitive to the 7-14 nm IR range of human and (most) animal body heat. [2 lb], was $315.

MINI-TIMERs: These small timers (about the size of 1-4 sugar cubes) are accurate, long-term timers that activate after minutes of time, producing a beep and-or LED indication. Used to time, notify or remind the user of something he is doing or to start or stop doing, or place he is to leave or arrive at. Are ideal for timing athletic activities (eg: runs, walks, workouts), guard/security/sentry duties, arrivals/departures, chores, games, tests, homework, phone or TV use, medications, therapies, cooking, explosives uses for mining and land-clearing, and coordinated activities. We made (and still make as a SP) mini-timers to order! Options included pulse and level-shift outputs up to 3 amp. Customer specified time duration (1-30 min.), and battery voltage. Non-Repeating Versions, [1 lb], was $95 each. Repeating Versions, [1 lb], was $155 each.

PROGRAM. LIGHT & SOUND DETECTOR: Do you need to activate something the instant that a light or sound is detected? For examples, as part of a burglar alarm system, proximity detector, or lamp, appliance, power tool, or process controller. The PL&SD/ detects light and sound and produces both a relay closure and 9 VDC outputs. Output durations and light and sound sensitivities are adjustable. [4 lb], $195.

The SECRET COMMUNICATOR: The SC is an excellent, small secret RF device great for all types of fun. Person A taps a small, concealed switch hidden somewhere on their body. This sends Person B a secret signal (you come up with your own codes for your own uses) into a hidden, silent vibrator, also hidden on the body. Or the vibrator could be hidden elsewhere, and-or easily replaced with a small relay, lamp, buzzer, actuator, etc. Great for playing all kinds of games, competitions, magic tricks, parties, corporate meetings, love signals, secret rendezvous, plan executions, co-ordinated actions, covert activities - virtually any kind of activity where secret signals are a must or desired. [1 lb], $695.

The 6TH SENSE COMMUNICATOR (NLA): One of our most popular products (see our popular "Radionics Manual" for more detail). The SCC consists of a battery-operated bio-transceiver, which has electrodes (attached with an elastic band or tape). The electrodes may be attached to the heads of the source and receiver, to the head of one and the body of the other, or to each of their bodies, depending upon use. Examples: For bio-commo, the electrodes are attached to the head. For healing, one device's electrodes are attached to the head (or body) of the healer (source), while the other is attached to the relevant part of the body of the subject (receiver). What the SSC does is to highly amplify signals produced by the head/body of the source and transmit them to the head/body of the receiver. Thus, the receiver can actually experience the electrical activity generated by the source's brain. More than one SSC can be used at the same time to involve more than one source and-or receiver. And the source and receiver can be the same person or animal. The SSC can also be used to communicate with animals. The many fascinating uses of the SSC include: (1) For 6th. sense (ESP) communications. (2) For psychic healing, diagnoses, pain blocking. (3) For mutual meditation, seances, etc. (4) To greatly enhance mutual sexual stimulation. (5) To communicate with animals, wherever possible. (6) For biofeedback experimentation. (7) As a powerful psychological and physiological research tool. Certain to give you endless hours of exploration, learning, fascination and amusement. [2 lb], was $295. For two units (required for full-duplex operation), [3 lb], was $495. [1 lb], $200 for each additional unit.

The TELEPATHIC ENHANCER (NLA): Some people are reputed to possess awesome telepathic powers. "Telepathy" is a highly-specialized form of nonverbal and non-sensory communication, mind control, and mind-reading. After much research, we now believe that we have pinned down the exact mechanism behind telepathy. For those who do not now possess adequate telepathic powers to effectively and reliably use them, and for those who have established telepathic powers and wish to increase range, the TE is a must! [3 lb], was $679.

The ULTRA NOISE CANCEL. SYSTEM (NLA) : Loud environmental noise damages your hearing, concentration, sleep pattern, sanity, general health and quality of life. Tired of being assaulted by traffic, planes, trains, boomboxes, factories and mills, building/repair activities, neighbor TVs/stereos/parties, etc? The UNCS is your solution! This sophisticated, hi-tech device cancels up to about 90% of audio noise. Complete system. [25 lb], was $1995.

The ULTRA TRACKING FILTER: A "Tracking Filter" is one in which either an occasional freq burst or varying continuous wave freq can be zeroed in on. The signal can be further processed to determine signal characteristics; the data or message contained therein can often be determined. One of the most powerful tools we have developed for processing data and message signals of all kinds of the type transmitted over phone lines (eg: FSK signals) and recorded using a quality tape recorder (not supplied) is the UTF. It contains two notch filter stages. The first stage can be tuned to reject any primary freq component (if there is one). The second stage is a precise, digitally-controlled and sophisticated tracking notch filter. The tracking stage scans until it locks in on the freq. Then the signal can be bandpassed, further processed and analyzed according to the specific application. Great for ferreting out secret or buried messages or data! BW is 250 Hz to 25 KHz. [3 lb], was $395.

The WILLIAMS' LEVITATOR: Most of us were incorrectly taught in school that magnetic fields will only attract ferromagnetic materials (eg: iron, nickel, cobalt). You were probably also taught that it was impossible to use a magnet to attract - much less repel - non-ferromagnetic metals (eg: aluminum, copper, silver)! We have invented a very special magnetic device that will levitate small pieces of non-ferromagnetic metals! Does not use superconductivity! This is pure SCIENCE - not a magic trick or practical joke. The potential applications of the WL are incredible - ranging from fusion energy to high-speed trains. With the WL, you can conduct fascinating, eyepopping experiments in physics and magnetism. And it's great for school and science projects. [10 lb], was $395.

ALL TIME HOTTEST ITEMS: stopping power meters modules, atm modules, slot machine masters, video poker masters, security camera foilers, data card readers writers, universal garage door security gate openers, voice disguisers, van eck systems, ultrasonic detectors jammers, stealth paint mixture, rife devices, neurophones, hieronymus machines, hi-pulse jammers zappers, hearing assistors, heal thyself systems, kx radar emitters, subliminal mixers amplifiers, electromagnetic brain blasters, aura detectors



We are interested in buying, selling and trading electronic parts, hardware & test equipment, modern computer systems, peripherals & software, printing & publishing equipment, parts & supplies, books, small parts, et al - too numerous to list! For details of some of the items we are interested in, see our Items4Trade website:


We are especially interested in large quantities of small electronic parts, such as ICs and transistors (we are NOT interested in most used/large/heavy/bulky parts, no dirty/defective parts, no radios/TVs/VCRs/illegal or similar items [with the exception that we are interested in vintage radios in good condition]). And we are also especially interested in modern PC laptops, peripherals, electronic test equipment, digital cameras, camcorders, Palm Pilots, et al. Since we now buy and sell much stuff from auctions, flea markets and garage sales, we generally apply those types of prices for trades. Please do not phone or fax us about what you have/want: Write or email us (preferred, do NOT include any attachment that does not have a .txt, .htm, .html, .jpg, .gif or .pdf (allow printing) format - describe in full in your email message itself, and in your Subject line, put: "ITEM(s) FOR BUY, SELL OR TRADE"). Prior approval is required. Please do NOT send any item until a written, explicit mutual agreement results. Just describe what you wish to buy, sell or trade, its condition, quantity, and the price acceptable to you. IF we are interested in buying, selling or trading for it, we will contact you accordingly. $50 minimum item.


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HARDWARE & SPECIAL SERVICES (for legal educational and/or entertainment purposes only)! Our exciting books and manuals are described on our Online Catalog webpage: www.consumertronics.net/index2.htm. Many of these include comprehensive circuit diagrams and functional descriptions. We designed and built here almost all of these circuits (and many, many more), and sold them as our Off-the-Shelf Hardware and Special Projects. We no longer sell functional hardware that we make. We do sell nonfunctional hardware of what we used to make - mostly electronic (www.consumertronics.net/oshpast.html) strictly as salvage: www.consumertronics.net/salvage.html (LIMITED QUANTITIES REMAINING! - once sold there will be no more! - buy all you need as soon as possible - before they are all forever gone!), and also strictly as very realistically-looking models, mockups, replicas and novelties as SPECIAL PROJECTS: www.consumertronics.net/spaf-spp.html. NOTE: For salvage and SP hardware, while priced very low compared to the original functional versions, we provide no guarantees, support, user manuals, schematics, batteries or refunds (Special Projects also does consulting and research services).
         HARDWARE SALES: We also sell functional hardware which others make as surplus and salvage: For comprehensive list of 10,000s of item types we Sell, Buy and Trade for (including in exchange for our popular books and manuals), see our popular: ABQ-Techzonics - 1,000,000 integrated circuits (ICs) + 1,000,000 other small electronic parts + plus electronic test equipment + many other high-tech electronic and non-electronic Items.
        LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. (7250 N. Mesa, Suite C, PMB 70, El Paso, TX 79912, 915-474-0334, www.lonestarconsultinginc.com) makes customized device types much closer than any other company we know of to the popular and exciting functional device types we used to make and sell as Special Projects and Off-the-Shelf Hardware - plus many other device types - plus extensive invention prototyping and invention consulting services - plus they also sell Historical Diagrams for many controversial device types! Their device types are described at ==> LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. NOTE: We are not LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. Neither one owns the other, is a subsidiary of the other, or is responsible for the other. Should you wish to do business with Lone Star Consulting, Inc., please contact them DIRECTLY as you would any other business (as with all purchases one makes, you should check out all available sources for items of interest). Furthermore, Lone Star Consulting, Inc. has an excellent free tutorial on mind control and electronic attacks (if you go to it, please return here): FREE MIND CONTROL /ELECTRONIC ATTACK TUTORIAL. As policy, we never recommend or endorse for or against any other company, product or service - even if you find a link for it on our webpages. (Our privacy and other policies are at: www.consumertronics.net/policies.htm).
       OTHER SPECIAL SERVICES: NO AC ADAPTER EQUIPMENT RESCUE: Lost or broken AC Power Adapter to your valuable equipment too hard to replace? We have 100s of AC adapters, and may be able to help: www.consumertronics.net/no-adapter-rescue.htm. INTERNET AUCTION SERVICES: We also offer Net Auction/Sales Services (eBay, Amazon.com, Craigslist, ABQ-Techzonics, etc.) for your stuff that you don't need so much any more but are just too busy to sell yourself: www.consumertronics.net/netauctions.htm. HOME/OFFICE TUTORING SERVICES: We also offer home and office tutoring services (Albuquerque, NM only): www.consumertronics.net/tutorservices.pdf. PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL PROPERTY APPRAISALS: We also offer Professional Property Appraisal Services (non-Real Estate): www.consumertronics.net/ppa/. COMPUTER SERVICING: Need to get your computer or software repaired, installed, modified, upgraded, updated, tuned-up, or lost data retrieved? Computer damaged by or inflicted with viruses, worms, trojan horses, adware/spyware, popups, other malware, and/or spam? Let us computer geeks confidentially service your computer hardware and software needs: www.consumertronics.net/compservice.htm. LEGAL RESEARCH SERVICES: Need/interested in being educated about civil or criminal legal topics important to you? Let us provide you relatively very low cost legal research. John Williams is an experienced lay litigant (District Court + Appeals Court), lecturer of "pro se" law, and a prolific legal researcher, legal author and legal publisher of legal books (we are not licensed attorneys and we don't offer legal advice, legal opinion or legal claims; New Mexico residents only): www.consumertronics.net/legalresearch.htm.