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All of these former Off-the-Shelf and Special Projects Items - many controverial - all unique and handmade - are now being offered strictly as non-functional salvage for parts only at very low prices compared to the prices we sold these types for as functional hardware. Better the parts get salvaged and re-used then planted in one of New Mexico's 100s of landfills.
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Former Consumertroncs functioning hardware now sold as non-functional hardware for salvage purposes only!

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GENERAL: All items are our past Office-the-Shelf Hardware and unique Special Projects devices sold for legal utility, educational and/or entertainment purposes only based on our policies: ( See: All items are sold non-functional for the buyer to use their parts in whatever strictly legal capacities he/she needs them for. NOTE: We do NOT sell as functioning hardware any version of any hardware that we make or ever made - please do not inquire about functioning versions of hardware we make or made (we do sell, trade and buy new and used functioning hardware made by others (many varieties) - see our surplus and items4trade webpages for lists - hotlinks below).

Just as most of our past hardware we now sell as salvage for parts only were very unique, handmade, artistically created, innovative and experimental devices, most of them were constructed using unusual and even non-standard parts and techniques - some of which are not available elsewhere (e.g. our unique very flat spiral antennas, originally designed for our ATM Modules, that fit into thin slots and cracks and between closely-spaced PC boards to record and playback signals).

Most items are 95+% electronically complete; none are less than 90% electronically complete (excluding batteries, wiring, and non-electrical/electronic parts such as screws and nuts); and most come with all or at least most of their cabling (we almost alway used standard-type connectors and cabling). Because all devices are sold as salvage for parts and subsections only, we did not and do not attempt to test, troubleshoot, repair or restore any of the items, so we generally have no idea, we make no claims, and we will not provide any information we may know as to what repairs, changes, replacements and-or additions would make any device complete and functional (however, if required to preserve the current physical integrity of the salvaged device so that valuable parts and subsections don't get lost, displaced or damaged in transit, we may better secure components to their boards and cases; and while most of this hardware is stored in plastic bags under climate control, we may also clean up or polish up devices as needed so they arrive at your place in the best salvagable conditions we can reasonably make them based on their current conditions). Note that while all "copies" of each device we made and sold as Off-the-Shelf Hardware (OSH) as described in our oshpast.html webpage were all similar in designs, features and functions, those devices that we made and sold as Special Projects had special features and functions contracted for by our clients although most were basically similar in their features and functions to OSH-type devices.

Most of these devices were salvaged for no other reasons except that they were still in inventory when we decided to stop selling hardware, they were cosmetically blemished and thus shelved for later inhouse use, they were used as lab master devices (usually with more features than the standard sold devices), or they were returned because of relatively minor problems or undeliverable but in good condition. However, regardless of their current conditions (we never stored any of our completed devices in functional condition; prior to shelving, we would disconnect the Output lead in case we were burglarized or raided by special interest goons, and then as we needed to use any device or ship it, we would quickly reconnect it back up, retest it and then use/ship it), all items are sold strictly as non-functional electronic salvage for parts only, and all sales are final with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND relevant to any device as a whole and to any device part or subsection (stated, implied or otherwise, including for functionability, merchantability or fitness for any particular use or purpose, and with no user manual, schematics, support or batteries - see our policies.htm webpage). We do NOT recommend that you restore any salvage device to its original functioning condition - again, just use them for their parts and subsections adapted to YOUR designs. While we will not provide a user manual or schematics, we will provide you a basic description of the layout and originally intended function of each major device section so that you can more easily determine and locate the components you wish to salvage.

MOSTLY NON-SOLDERED PARTS: Most parts and subsections are NOT soldered into place but were installed onto solderless breadboards, and can be relatively easily lifted up and pulled off using a small screwdriver and pliars without desoldering or burning them off. Or remove just those parts you don't need for your circuit functions, and then install whatever other parts are required by your functions. And contrary to multi-layered PC boards (virtually all PC boards these days), breadboard wiring appears on the top of the breadboard and thus much easier to trace and modify. Thus most parts and subsections can usually be salvaged on or off of their prototype boards and much more easily repaired or modified for your particular applications (e.g. using a power supply or oscillator section for one of your designs).

PRICES & INQUIRIES: Prices are negotiable for all items. The absolute minimum price for any item is 25% of the price listed on (we will not respond to any offer less than 25% of listed price, and may not respond to offers 25% - 50%). To negotiate prices or any other questions or inquiries concerning these offers, please email us (do not call us) at ( (be sure to put in Subject Line: "Offer for Salvage Items" or "Inquiry for Salvage Items"), or fax us (no cover sheet, 2 pages max) ==> (call to schedule). Again, do NOT call us about these items - all deals and inquiries must be made in writing (nothing verbally stated in any way alters or changes what is stated on this webpage, on oshpast.html or on policies.htm, or amounts to any kind of claim, deal, agreement or other contract by us).

ORDERING & SHIPPING: Order Form hotlinks are top of page. Please pay in full prior to shipment with check, money order (MO), Money Transfer Service (MTS) (no credit card or COD), made out to "Consumertronics". For fastest shipping, please pay with Postal MO (if Canada, in $US), Money Transfer Service (MTS) (allow 2+ weeks for checks and non-Postal MOs to clear before shipping). Sales are based on a first come, first serve basis. Some items are singular or limited quantity - once gone, there will be no more at any price. We refund for any item we cannot supply. NOTE: Prices and availabilities may change without further notice, and as supplies dwindle, we will likely raise prices. No onsite visits for any reason or type are ever permitted. We ship all items, F.O.B. Albuquerque, NM. S/H is in addition to the sale price (S/H depends on weight, size, shipping address, and mode of shipping). Shipping is based on UPS Ground Rate ($6 min.; for the same shipping amount, we will also ship USPS Ground if you specify; for 2nd-Day Air or Overnight, payment must be made by Postal MO, Money Transfer Service (MTS), and shipping is higher), or Air Rate (if foreign). USA and Canada Handling is $1.50 per lb for 0.5 -10 lbs shipping weight, plus 50 cents per lb for 10.01-100 lb, plus 25 cents per lb above 100 lb (for all other foreign Handling, double these amounts as more packing and forms are required). Please allow 10 work days to ship for Ground and 3 work days to ship for 2nd. Day Air and Overnight for us to retrieve hardware from storage, and to prepare it for shipping.
      COMBINED ORDERS S/H: A combined order is one in which more than one item - hardware and-or publications - are bought and paid for at the same time by the same customer and shipped to the same address. Combined orders provide considerable savings in S/H. Shipping costs usually depend mostly on item weight. Mostly because of the way we get charged for shipping based on how we usually ship, the minimum shipping cost for any single item is based on a weight of 1 lb, and any weight above an integral pound is usually charged at the next highest integer pound rate (e.g. a 2.7 lb package is charged at 3 lb rate). However, when items are combined, the combined shipping weight of all of the items is usually substantially less than if the items were shipped separately, resulting in substantial customer savings. This is especially true if some of your ordered items are relatively light weight (e.g. publications). In addition, you save substantial handling costs by combining orders. And you take less of a chance that any item you may postpone may later be no longer available. Therefore, you should order ALL of the items you are interested in at the same time as a combined order.

HARDWARE & SPECIAL SERVICES (for legal educational and/or entertainment purposes only)! Our exciting books and manuals are described on our Online Catalog webpage: Many of these include comprehensive circuit diagrams and functional descriptions. We designed and built here almost all of these circuits (and many, many more), and sold them as our Off-the-Shelf Hardware and Special Projects. We no longer sell functional hardware that we make. We do sell nonfunctional hardware of what we used to make - mostly electronic ( strictly as salvage: (LIMITED QUANTITIES REMAINING! - once sold there will be no more! - buy all you need as soon as possible - before they are all forever gone!), and also strictly as very realistically-looking models, mockups, replicas and novelties as SPECIAL PROJECTS: NOTE: For salvage and SP hardware, while priced very low compared to the original functional versions, we provide no guarantees, support, user manuals, schematics, batteries or refunds (Special Projects also does consulting and research services).
         HARDWARE SALES: We also sell functional hardware which others make as surplus and salvage: For comprehensive list of 10,000s of item types we Sell, Buy and Trade for (including in exchange for our popular books and manuals), see our popular: ABQ-Techzonics - 1,000,000 integrated circuits (ICs) + 1,000,000 other small electronic parts + plus electronic test equipment + many other high-tech electronic and non-electronic Items.
        LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. (7250 N. Mesa, Suite C, PMB 70, El Paso, TX 79912, 915-474-0334, makes customized device types much closer than any other company we know of to the popular and exciting functional device types we used to make and sell as Special Projects and Off-the-Shelf Hardware - plus many other device types - plus extensive invention prototyping and invention consulting services - plus they also sell Historical Diagrams for many controversial device types! Their device types are described at ==> LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. NOTE: We are not LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. Neither one owns the other, is a subsidiary of the other, or is responsible for the other. Should you wish to do business with Lone Star Consulting, Inc., please contact them DIRECTLY as you would any other business (as with all purchases one makes, you should check out all available sources for items of interest). Furthermore, Lone Star Consulting, Inc. has an excellent free tutorial on mind control and electronic attacks (if you go to it, please return here): FREE MIND CONTROL /ELECTRONIC ATTACK TUTORIAL. As policy, we never recommend or endorse for or against any other company, product or service - even if you find a link for it on our webpages. (Our privacy and other policies are at:
       OTHER SPECIAL SERVICES: NO AC ADAPTER EQUIPMENT RESCUE: Lost or broken AC Power Adapter to your valuable equipment too hard to replace? We have 100s of AC adapters, and may be able to help: INTERNET AUCTION SERVICES: We also offer Net Auction/Sales Services (eBay,, Craigslist, ABQ-Techzonics, etc.) for your stuff that you don't need so much any more but are just too busy to sell yourself: HOME/OFFICE TUTORING SERVICES: We also offer home and office tutoring services (Albuquerque, NM only): PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL PROPERTY APPRAISALS: We also offer Professional Property Appraisal Services (non-Real Estate): COMPUTER SERVICING: Need to get your computer or software repaired, installed, modified, upgraded, updated, tuned-up, or lost data retrieved? Computer damaged by or inflicted with viruses, worms, trojan horses, adware/spyware, popups, other malware, and/or spam? Let us computer geeks confidentially service your computer hardware and software needs: LEGAL RESEARCH SERVICES: Need/interested in being educated about civil or criminal legal topics important to you? Let us provide you relatively very low cost legal research. John Williams is an experienced lay litigant (District Court + Appeals Court), lecturer of "pro se" law, and a prolific legal researcher, legal author and legal publisher of legal books (we are not licensed attorneys and we don't offer legal advice, legal opinion or legal claims; New Mexico residents only):

Prefer to trade rather than buy our products and services? Have items you no longer need but we do? Short of cash? We are interested in trading and buying (and also selling) numerous electronic parts, electronic test equipment, hardware, modern computer systems, computer peripherals, software, printing / publishing equipment / parts / supplies, books, small parts, scientific equipment, industrial equipment, commercial equipment, et al - too numerous to list here! For details of some of the items we are interested in trading for or buying from you that can eliminate or much reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for, see our items4trade.htm website, CLICK HERE =>
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