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150+ high-tech survival, security books, manuals, ebooks (email or CDROM), software, videos (DVD, VHS), Special Projects services: Electronics, computers, Internet, energy / electrical meters, computer hackers, phone phreakers, business / financial, jobs / career, churches, cons / scams / cheats / countermeasures, legal / lawsuits (pro se, sui juris), polygraphs, privacy / identity theft, surveillance / spying / TSCM, improvised weapons / lab devices / exotic devices, medical / radionics / therapy, electromagnetic / microwave / radar, audio / ultrasonic / infrasonic, light / video / infrared / ultraviolet, vehicles, subliminal / mind control / electronic attack / electronic harassment, paranormal / urban legends / fortean phenomena, natural disasters, self-improvement, countermeasures, ... ! Frank, controversial, unusual, information-filled.

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Times of Turmoil! The risks to personal, financial and physical safety, security and even survival have never been as great as it is today! The needs for frank, high-tech security and survival information, hardware, consulting services and strategies have never been as critical, vital and urgent as they are today! Recent reports of widespread spying on Americans, Europeans and others by the NSA and the IRS, plus massive research into mind control and electronic attack technologies, are mostly verified - much of the efforts and harvested data made by huge international corporations (with secret agendas) accessed by many governments and criminal organizations (their "global partners"). During Times of Turmoil - increasing wars, terrorist threats, government oppressions, economic hardships, natural disasters - come much greater risks to personal safety, security and freedoms, shortages, price gouging (e.g. energy), disruptions, rampant crime, chaos, anarchy, mob rule, government overreactions and underreactions, and unpredictable and unintended consequences - all now happening! An Ancient Chinese curse says, 'May you live during eventful times.' We cannot advise you strongly enough to act now! When hard situations arise, you must already have the knowledge and equipment to succeed, prosper and prevail - in many cases - even to survive! Guns and ammo are just one small part of the equation. Please order from us your high-tech security and survival library today - we cannot guarantee later availabilities at any price! - John Williams, M.S.E.E., CEO, Consumertronics.net

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SECURITY, PRIVACY & OTHER CONCERNS: Concerned about doing Internet transactions? You can easily, quickly and safely place your order with us by secure online order form, fax, regular mail, phone, or by even UPS or FedEx. We are in business 30+ years, 25+ years in New Mexico. As one of our many good customers (i.e. all customers who don't have a dishonest or malicious intention towards us), we have no interest in your identity. Unlike most online merchants, we respect your security and privacy: We never plant "cookies"or "spyware"on your system, and the computers we use to process and store customer orders are neither connected to the Internet nor networked or file-shared with a computer connected to the Internet. We provide the best products and services we reasonably can to our good customers. However, we do realize that certain corrupt powerful interests are against us educating the public about effective means of protection from being ripped-off and gouged by them. By providing you very frank and useful controversial information, we've made some enemies (e.g. some library computer systems now block our webpages - you know our stuff is great - buy our stuff and help spread the word about us!). And as with all businesses, a minority of our customers try to defraud us. As it is our intention to serve our good customers as reasonably well as we can under our privacy and other policies, we certainly do welcome all honest, straightforward, and accurate consumer inquiries and comments, and will try our reasonable best to accurately and completely address all such inquiries. And we shall continue to serve the needs of and protect the privacies of our good customers within the law. To our many good customers: The best of successes in all that you do. If you find some of our webpages are being blocked (you are an adult), enter webpage URLs without "www" prefix. If still blocked, please document to us by mail or email your experience. Thank you for your time and attention. John Williams, M.S.E.E., CEO, Consumertronics.

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Welcome to Top Secret Consumertronics!

In business since 1971, we offer about 200 books, manuals, software (PC), and Special Projects services covering a wide array of mostly high-tech survival subjects. Due to customer demand, most of our offers are controversial, weird or wacky! Our popular SPECIAL PROJECTS services covers a full range of research => . We are THE National Clearinghouse for hi-tech survival ways and means. To learn more about our background and philosophy then read below, our HARDWARE and SPECIAL SERVICES offers => , or how to make money contributing info => , and then hit your Browser backbutton to return.

Consumertronics is highly dynamic and innovative - we constantly strive to provide you new hi-tech survival products and services. We update at most new printings. Our truly unique offers are mostly on computers, Internet, electronics, phones, security, energy, medical/radionics, financial, cars, robots, improvised lab devices and weaponry, and paranormal - designed to meet virtually all of your high-tech survival wants & needs.

We don’t pretend to be Politically Correct. To provide YOU the broad band of technological offers to suit the varied needs and interests of the many, to prosper as a business, and to honestly and comprehensively discuss hi-tech subjects, one inevitably offends the few to serve the many - especially now that almost every topic is controversial. We are always open to suggestions and information contributions - in fact, most of our offers have considerable contributions. We sincerely want to best serve your needs so that you will purchase from us time and again and recommend us to others. Are you a hot shot in any high-tech survival subject? Want to get FREE PUBLICITY, FREE ADVERTISING, and possibly JOB OPPORTUNITIES?

Consumertronics is unique in the realm of survival publishing. While most survival firms are heavily into guns, knives, martial arts, et al - only halfheartedly covering truly high-tech survivalism - we much more extensively cover virtually all high-tech survival issues. Virtually all of our products are exclusive to us, and of limited circulation (e.g. not available in libraries, book store shelves). Some of our research is being done nowhere else - except perhaps Black Projects, especially relating to mind control, improvised weaponry and lab devices, and energy metering vulnerabilities. We are very excited to offer you eye-popping hi-tech survival books and manuals, for examples: “STOPPING POWER METERS,” “POLYGRAPH SECRETS,” “ATM SECURITY,” "FAKING ILLNESS & INJURY DISABILITIES,"“IDENTITY THEFT MANUAL," "MIND CONTROL"manual, and many, many others.

Right now, our biggest physical threat is from terrorism, home invasions and violent street crimes. I don’t have to tell you how messed up everything is now! How dangerous the world has become for most of us - and will be for years to come. I can also tell you, as a Disabled Veteran who honorably volunteered and served during the Vietnam War era (Korea), our own corrupt and malicious politicians and judges, and their anal-retentive bureaucratic PALs are betraying many of our people, and are doing their utmost to try to revoke the Constitution, especially the First and Second Amendments. We hear this a lot, especially from Veterans and real Conservatives.

These are indeed increasingly financially risky and physically brutal times. Clearly, if you and your loved ones want to survive, succeed and prosper in these difficult times, you’ve got to effectively deal with all of these high-tech threats coming at you all at once and from every direction! And the sooner the better! And just as clearly, a broad range of survival knowledge, skills, and equipment are required to deal with these high-tech threats. Most people today believe that we are on the brink of astronomical changes, and only the savvy few will cope well with these changes. Knowledge and preparation has, does and will equate to wealth, power and freedom! Books and manuals also describe other similar and related works so you get the big picture as well.

Based on the numerous favorable comments we routinely receive from our many worldwide customers and their repeat and word-of-mouth orders, the media coverage we receive, and the attempts by pathetic, rip-off, fly-by-night “Competitors” to try to imitate us and special interests to silence us, we know that we do an excellent job providing you these invaluable and hard-to-find hi-tech survival products and services.

Please note that we have no dealers, and all sales are under our policies. All of our products and services are available directly from Consumertronics, or as special orders from these three.

Please ORDER TODAY! Neither Consumertronics nor any other survival business can guarantee the future availability of the types of products sold herein. In late 1997, we had to suddenly discontinue some of our most controversial hardware (e.g. The ATM Module, The Slot Machine Master, Hi-Pulse Jammer & Zapper, et al) - only to have 100s of people contact us willing to pay almost anything to buy items we could no longer sell them!

Some have told us, "Why should I order from you when I can get this same information off of the Internet?" First, the Internet is but one of many sources of our information. Hackers, phreakers, underground researchers and designers, and many others have contributed to our publications for decades - little of which is published Online. And we do much of our own laboratory research here that we do not put on the Internet. Second, our typical customer wants the information NOW - not after days and weeks of doing research, and wading through all the bogus websites which fraudulently use irrelevant keywords to trick you into visiting their sales or infected webpages, and all the bad data and outdated information common on the Net these days. Third, you already know that just about every website you go to today will dump cookies, spyware, adware, viruses, trojans, and-or worms onto your system simply as the result of you clicking onto their URL. We are the rare exception - we do NOT transfer cookies, spyware, adware, viruses, trojans or worms to any computer that visits any of our webpages as we respect your privacy.

I now opine on the Discovery Channel's popular, humorous, enjoyable but not particularly informative MythBusters program, starring Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman and their fine crew. I address MythBusters because MythBusters often attempts to explore phenomena we have researched and produced actual devices on for decades (see below for hardware availabilities details), especially in the mind control and electronic attack technologies. Actually, the MythBusters Discovery series TV program should be renamed, "Science Light Mythbusters,"or "Silly Science Mythbusters"as clearly you are dealing more with two great stand-up slapstick comics doing TV entertainment than with serious mind control researchers (clearly most TV programs today target the kids market). I was actively researching mind control and electronic attack and designing and building mind control and electronic attack devices and countermeasures since the Delgado days - long before these MythBusters guys probably turned on their first radios, and decades before mind control and electronic attack became fashionable to all of the armchair "engineers,"latter-day claims jumpers and other know-it-all phony "experts"now crawling out of the woodworks (same with energy meter / energy cost savings / energy conservation technology / stealth technology, and some other technologies). My publishing works are extensive as you can see from our popular mindcontrol.htm webpage, and additionally includes but are not limited to several popular device-type designs I created for Lone Star Consulting, Inc. ("Wiring Hitchhiking Harasser Eliminators," "The Ultimo EM Direction Finder," "The Ultimo EM Transmitter Triangulator," "The Personal EMF Jammer," "The Ultimo Ultrasonic Transmitter Triangulator," "The Ultra Ultrasonic Detector & Amplifier," "The Ultra Ultrasonic Jammer," "The Ultra Ultrasonic Shrieker", "The Ultra Ultrasonic Countermeasure," "The Sound Snap Shot Device ," "The Subliminal Mixer/Amp," "The Ultimo Ultrasonic Communicator & Controller," "The Brain Signature Waveform Detector," "The Ultimo Brainwave Analysis & Biofeedback / Biocontrol Device," "The Unknown & Unseen Entity Detector," "Scanners - The Device!," "The Ultimate Weapons & Lab Development System," "The Super Soft-Pinch Electrodes," "The 6th Sense Communicator," "The Telepathic Amplifier,"and "The Alien Buster Blaster"(our hotlinks policies apply)). Yet, to our knowledge, we were never contacted by MythBusters for or even about any of our mind control research or books. Instead, MythBusters selected what were clearly bogus and ridiculous devices sold by others. I'm surprised MythBusters didn't also test the old "aluminum beanie"gag (they did a similar stunt when they tested police radar defeats in another episode by covering car wheels and a car itself with aluminum foil - never contacted us about research we've done on radar-stealthing vehicles!). Furthermore, we find it very, very disturbing that many of MythBusters "experiments"appear to be closely orchestrated, controlled and monitored by government officials - which to MythBusters credit MythBusters doesn't try to conceal. Government officials are largely believed by many people to be behind the apparently massive efforts today to control people's minds and electronically attack them! With "researchers"clearly so "friendly"to government officials, how can anyone depend on MythBusters for reliable results regarding mind control and electronic attack or anything else controversial? Mind control and electronic attack technologies are not jokes and their victims - Targeted Individuals (TIs) - are not crackpots, malingerers or comical characters. Clearly, properly-designed mind control weapons and electronic attack weapons do work - some almost beyond belief. Mind control and electronic attack technologies are extremely serious and dangerous, and by trifling with them, clearly the end result is that the very real victims of these technologies - many Targeted Individuals miserably suffer every day and even worse - are also being mocked and ridiculed by extension, and the longer it will take for the people to become informed as to the clearly real and accelerating extent and threat of mind control and electronic attack menaces. Perhaps the next time these MythBusters guys go to their dentists or surgeons, they might get the ol' electronic implant two-step pulled on them. Then they might take mind control and electronic attack much more seriously. Or perhaps they already have and their electronic implants are now working on them just fine!

Thank you for your time and attention. And for your business, word-of-mouth recommendations, web page links and many other favorable responses. The best of successes in all that you do. Please order your Consumertronics.net high-tech survival library today. We await your order. And bookmark this webpage and tell your friends and associates.


John Williams, MSEE, CEO

John Williams is a former Senior Electronics Design Engineer (Lockheed); Professor of Computer Science (NMSU); Electronics Weapons Design Engineer (Navy, Air Force); Health Physicist (NIH).

For Your Information...We do NOT sell, give away, trade or permanently preserve our Good-Customer lists. We respect your right to privacy and confidentiality. Bookmark now and access this our Free Online Catalog or order our printed Catalog at least quarterly to keep abreast of our new offers as we will not automatically send you promotional mail-outs.

We sell our latest editions, printings and releases only. Prices, offer descriptions, and privacy and other policies are guaranteed for 30 days from this Catalog's Online update or mail date. Subsequent changes may occur without notice). See our policies.htm webpage for our privacy and other policies.

NOTICE: Information Regarding the Name, Address, Phone Number and What was Ordered of the GOOD CUSTOMERS of CONSUMERTRONICS is Confidential and will not be voluntarily Disclosed to any Individual or Business, or to any government Agency. "Good Customers"are all customers who don't treat us in a dishonest, malicious, or other adverse way (e.g. fraudulent payment).

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JOIN US ON FACEBOOK AS OUR SOCIAL MEDIA FRIEND AND/OR ON LINKEDIN AS OUR SOCIAL MEDIA CONNECTION! As you likely know, we recently joined FACEBOOK and LINKEDIN social media. To join us, you must first email us directly to CONSUMERTRONICS, and explain to us why you want to be social media-connected to us. NOTE: We never accept such requests when they solely come through our social media sites - we regularly receive 100s of such requests mostly from totally unknown people. We are very selective - your acceptance is much increased if you are a prior or current Client, or a relevant serious researcher, expert, scientist or engineer. We are constantly engaged in much exciting work that we would like to share with our social media friends and connections. Most of our discussions on Facebook and LinkedIn will relate to mind control, electronic attack, radionics, physical survival and energy through increasingly worsening times. One big benefit is that CONSUMERTRONICS. will provide free information found nowhere else (e.g. research results), which may be very helpful to you. Another big benefit is that you will be able to share your experiences and needs with others who may be or were in similar situations (e.g. you are experiencing certain types of mind control attacks, which may also be afflicting others in your area). We do not accept just anyone as our social media friend or connection - we seek a smaller but more focused and intense group. Interested in us friending you? Then email us here, and in your Subject Line, put: "Consumertronics: Please Friend Me". In your email body, please explain in 100-500 words the benefits to both of us in becoming social media friends (Facebook) or social media connections (LinkedIn). Then tell your friends and connections about us! NOTE: With few exceptions, we are not going to post up our friends on Facebook and connections on LinkedIn until we have selected at least 500 Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections. We are not yet on Twitter or MySpace. - Thanks. John Williams, M.S.E.E.

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HARDWARE & SPECIAL SERVICES (for legal educational and/or entertainment purposes only)! Our exciting books and manuals are described on our Online Catalog webpage: www.consumertronics.net/index2.htm. Many of these include comprehensive circuit diagrams and functional descriptions. We designed and built here almost all of these circuits (and many, many more), and sold them as our Off-the-Shelf Hardware and Special Projects. We no longer sell functional hardware that we make. We do sell nonfunctional hardware of what we used to make - mostly electronic (www.consumertronics.net/oshpast.html) strictly as salvage: www.consumertronics.net/salvage.html (LIMITED QUANTITIES REMAINING! - once sold there will be no more! - buy all you need as soon as possible - before they are all forever gone!), and also strictly as very realistically-looking models, mockups, replicas and novelties as SPECIAL PROJECTS: www.consumertronics.net/spaf-spp.html. NOTE: For salvage and SP hardware, while priced very low compared to the original functional versions, we provide no guarantees, support, user manuals, schematics, batteries or refunds (Special Projects also does consulting and research services).
         HARDWARE SALES: We also sell functional hardware which others make as surplus and salvage: For comprehensive list of 10,000s of item types we Sell, Buy and Trade for (including in exchange for our popular books and manuals), see our popular: ABQ-Techzonics - 1,000,000 integrated circuits (ICs) + 1,000,000 other small electronic parts + plus electronic test equipment + many other high-tech electronic and non-electronic Items.
        LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. (7250 N. Mesa, Suite C, PMB 70, El Paso, TX 79912, 915-474-0334, www.lonestarconsultinginc.com) makes customized device types much closer than any other company we know of to the popular and exciting functional device types we used to make and sell as Special Projects and Off-the-Shelf Hardware - plus many other device types - plus extensive invention prototyping and invention consulting services - plus they also sell Historical Diagrams for many controversial device types! Their device types are described at ==> LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. NOTE: We are not LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. Neither one owns the other, is a subsidiary of the other, or is responsible for the other. Should you wish to do business with Lone Star Consulting, Inc., please contact them DIRECTLY as you would any other business (as with all purchases one makes, you should check out all available sources for items of interest). Furthermore, Lone Star Consulting, Inc. has an excellent free tutorial on mind control and electronic attacks (if you go to it, please return here): FREE MIND CONTROL /ELECTRONIC ATTACK TUTORIAL. As policy, we never recommend or endorse for or against any other company, product or service - even if you find a link for it on our webpages. (Our privacy and other policies are at: www.consumertronics.net/policies.htm).
       OTHER SPECIAL SERVICES: NO AC ADAPTER EQUIPMENT RESCUE: Lost or broken AC Power Adapter to your valuable equipment too hard to replace? We have 100s of AC adapters, and may be able to help: www.consumertronics.net/no-adapter-rescue.htm. INTERNET AUCTION SERVICES: We also offer Net Auction/Sales Services (eBay, Amazon.com, Craigslist, ABQ-Techzonics, etc.) for your stuff that you don't need so much any more but are just too busy to sell yourself: www.consumertronics.net/netauctions.htm. HOME/OFFICE TUTORING SERVICES: We also offer home and office tutoring services (Albuquerque, NM only): www.consumertronics.net/tutorservices.pdf. PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL PROPERTY APPRAISALS: We also offer Professional Property Appraisal Services (non-Real Estate): www.consumertronics.net/ppa/. COMPUTER SERVICING: Need to get your computer or software repaired, installed, modified, upgraded, updated, tuned-up, or lost data retrieved (data recovery)? Computer damaged by or inflicted with viruses, worms, trojan horses, adware/spyware, popups, other malware, and/or spam? Let us computer geeks confidentially service your computer hardware and software needs: www.consumertronics.net/compservice.htm. LEGAL RESEARCH SERVICES: Need/interested in being educated about civil or criminal legal topics important to you? Let us provide you relatively very low cost legal research. John Williams is an experienced lay litigant (District Court + Appeals Court), lecturer of "pro se"law, and a prolific legal researcher, legal author and legal publisher of legal books (we are not licensed attorneys and we don't offer legal advice, legal opinion or legal claims; New Mexico residents only): www.consumertronics.net/legalresearch.htm.

Consumertronics.net Printed CATALOG : Sorry, printed copy of our popular Catalog is not longer available. See top of this page for our CDROM Catalog offer.

ACCESS PROBLEMS: If you have problems accessing our webpages from a private or public source (e.g. Library), try this URL (also directed to our website): consumertronics.net. If it does not work, try: www.consumertronics.net. Or call us: 1-505-321-1034.

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  A. HARDWARE (ABQ-Techzonics).    B. Policies

    13. VEHICLES

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    13. VEHICLES

Titles Directory of all Consumertronics.net Publications Webpages
          1. PHONES Webpage: "Caller ID & ANI Security," "Cellular & Cordless Guide," "Beyond Phone Color Boxes," "Phone Pager Beeper Manual," "PBX Security," "Voice Mail Hackers," "Stop Junk Faxes," "Fax Machine Security," "Answering Machine Security," "82S23 PROM Emulator Plans," "Robofone Wargames Autodialer," "Phone Recorder Interfaces"
          2. COMPUTER HACKERS Webpage: "Secrets of Social Engineering," "Hacker Files," "Computer Security," "Beyond Van Eck Tempest Phreaking," "Van Eck Demo Tape," "COMPUTER SERVICES, UPGRADES & MODIFICATIONS SERVICES "
          3. INTERNET Webpage: "Internet Frauds Databook," "Internet Tracking & Tracing," "Internet Security," "Cookie Terminator," "AOL Webpages"
          4. ENERGY Webpage: "Stopping Power Meters," "SPM Video, " "IG Manual," "KW-HR Meters," "Gas & Diesel Fuel Crimes Expose (pending)," "Gas & Water Security," "Vortex Generator," "Rippled Off," "Heat X-Changer," "Loadfinder," "MDVR Method"
          5. LAW, LEGAL, JUDICIAL Webpage: "Polygraph Secrets," "Legal Citations to Prevent Dismissals," "Jury Nullification: In the Name of Justice!," "Secrets of Federal Civil Rico," "Suing US Government & Officials," "Unpublished and Secret Law, and Contamination of the Case Law," "Legal Filing System and The Initial Steps," "Modern Incorporation (pending)," "Government Land Grab," "LEGAL RESEARCH SERVICES (New Mexico)"
          6. JOBS, MONEY Webpage: "Identity Theft Manual," "ATM Security," "Placak Report," "Check & Money Order Security," "Cons & Scams Databook," "Credit Card Security," "Echternacht File," "Casino Secrets," "Credit Reporting Agencies," "CC Emergency Response Procedures," "Credit Card Analysis," "How to Start Your Own Religion & Run It," "Remote Office Tactics & Strategies," "Ultimate Success Manual," "How to Do Secure Ebooks," "How to Stop Junk Faxes"
          7. MISC. COMPUTER Webpage: "Cryptanalysis Techniques," "Hard Drive Manual," "Disk Service Manual," "Super Re-Inking Method"
          8. MISCEL. ELECTRONICS Webpage: "High Voltage Devices," "The Wireless Experimenters Manual," "Security & Surveillance Frequencies," "Secret & Survival Radio," "Simple Cheap Security Electronics," "Secrets of Solderless Breadboards," "The 'Goldfinger'," "Comprehensive Connector Pin-Outs," "Poor Man's Super Laser"
          9. SURVIVAL Webpage: "Mitigating IED Deaths & Destruction - Our Government Never Listens to Great Ideas!," "By an Order of the Magnitude," "Enemy Prisoners of War, Civilian Internees and Detained Persons (FM 19-40)," "Rocket's Red Glare," "Fireworks," "Poor Man's Bulletproof Vest," "Ultimate Success Manual," "Survival Guns & Ammo," "Silence is Golden," "Mugger Rapist Die"
          10. MEDICAL/RADIONICS Webpage: "Faking Illness & Injury Disabilities," "Radionics Manual," "Heal Thyself," "Cancer Prevention & Remedies," "Bio-Spectrum Analysis," "EMF & Light Therapies," "The 'Silkwood,'" "Prevent Cure Colds & Flus," "Prevent Cure Dental Disease," "Body Sculpturing," "X-Ray to Death!"

          11. WEIRD SCIENCE Webpage: "The Williams Special Theory of Gravity,""Creative Dreaming by a Proven Creative Genius," "Faking Psychic Powers," "Petradox / Enigmalith: Weird Rock with Embedded Electrical-like Part," "The Williams's Hydraulic Theory to Cheops's Pyramid," "Numerology Program," "UFOs ETs"
          12. MIND CONTROL / ELECTRONIC ATTACK Webpage: "Addiction Research Center - Drugs - Mind Control - Peter Meter - Gay Drug - CIA - Animal Abuse ...," "Mind Control," "Subliminal Mind Control," "Under Attack," "ElectroMagnetic BrainBlaster"

          13. ETC Webpage: "How to Stop Gulf Oil Leak & Other Fluid & Gas Leaks," "Mitigate Tsunami Destructive Forces, Plus," "Detect/Measure Tsunamis in Open Ocean," "How to Do Bumper Stickers, Signs & Decals," "Custom Make V-Blocks Cheap & Easy," "Heat Shrink Tubing Tips," "Lone Star Consulting, Inc. Current Catalog," "ABQ Techzonics Current Catalog," "Database Search," "Garage Sales Flea Markets," "Ultimo Pet Feeder"
          14. DIRTY 2 DOZEN Webpage: "Science Engineering," "Frequencies," "Radio Scanners, Scanner Mods," "Non-Scanner Radio Mods, Pirate Radio," "Television, TV Descramblers," "Crypto," "Security," "Physical Survival," "Civil Rights, Oppression," "Crime Fighting," "Surveillance," "Spies, Intelligence Agencies," "Police Tactics, Practices," "Privacy," "Computer, Internet Privacy," "Computer Viruses," "Phone Color Boxes," "Financial, Banking," "Environmental, Ecology," "Psychic, Paranormal, UFO," "Urban Legends, Folklore, Weird Events," "Mind Control, Brainwashing, Manipulation," "Revenge, Pranks," "Fireworks, Explosives," "Hacker Files"
          15. VEHICLES Webpage: "Stealth Technology," "Autotheft Countermeasures," "Gasoline Prices & Gas Tanks," "Curing Automatic Transmission Problems," "Need for Speed," "Ultimate Driver" "How to Do Bumper Stickers, Signs & Decals"
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Physical survival, security, personal safety, self-defense, hi-tech, terrorism survival, war survival, Hollywood movie special effects gadgets / James Bond gadgets-types / 007 gadgets-types. Computers, Internet, software, modems, hackers, phreaking, spoofing, pc, aol, viruses, countermeasures. Financial, economic, money, job success, business, secure ebooks, casinos. Law, legal, lawsuits, citations, nullification, rights, RICO, FTCA. Medical, biomedical, radionics, cancers, colds, dental, diseases. Mind control, electronic attack, electronic harassment, entrainment, brainwashing, electromagnetic attack, subliminal, implants, improvised weapons, countermeasures. Audio, video, caller id, wireless, cellular phones, phone boxes, pagers, pbx, voice mail, email, fax. Privacy invasion, identity theft, surveillance, TSCM, intelligence agencies, spying, bugs, taps, van eck systems, tempest. Polygraphs, voice stress analysis, countermeasures, cons, scams, cheats, crimes, crime prevention. ATMs, magnetic stripes, credit cards, check, data card readers/writers, codes, ciphers, passwords, pins. Electronics, energy, meters, electrical, magnetic, fields, emf, high voltage, metal detectors, intruder detectors, remote controls, radio, television, rf, microwaves, radar, police, communications, ultrasonic, infrasonic, ultraviolet, infrared, lasers, xrays, radiation. Stealth, vehicles, driving, car transmissions. Improvised weaponry, fireworks, rocketry, chemistry. Tsunamis, Khufu's Pyramid, fortean phenomena, urban legends, creativity, bumper stickers - more. Books, manuals, tutorials, software, plans, analog circuits, digital circuits, schematics, diagrams, professional consulting, information systems, inventions, technical analysis, Mythbusters. Special Projects Services: Research, design, develop, consult, create, build, rebuild, test, breadboard, analyze, evaluate, compare, investigate, document, compile, report, technical analysis, integrate, repair, modify, customize, program, plan, duplicate, consult, coach, teach, tutor, advise.

NOTE: This is just our BASIC Topics list. We offer so many products and services that relate to so many devices, systems and technologies that if your interest even touches on any of these areas, we probably have a product or service for you. See below for Catalog Topic sections.

As a consumer service, we indicate the amount of material in our publications using Estimated Word Counts ("words"), mostly as reported by Pagemaker. For explanation about words, click ==>

That's what you can make if you've got the highly-specialized knowledge and talent we're looking for, and want to help augment one of our current books/manuals or develop a completely new one! Send us your ideas/manuscripts, and if we like it, we'll contact you about acquiring publishing rights. Send in only controversial hi-tech survival subjects. Like most other publishers, we will not return any manuscripts or any other materials you send (retain your own copies). We will contact you in writing if we are interested. First read our Manuscript Policies.

Then send your manuscript with cover letter to:Consumertronics, P.O. Box 23097, Albuquerque, NM USA 87192.

All changes to offers and policies are included in our most recent (i.e. Current) Catalog Addendum or Flyer (if there is one less than 3 months old). If an offer or policy in our most recent (i.e. Current) Catalog conflicts with one in our Current Addendum/Flyer (less than 3 months old), rely upon the most recent of the two. This Catalog upon publication immediately supersedes all Catalogs published earlier. If there is any contradiction of policies between our policies found in our printed Catalog and our Online Catalog (i.e. policies.htm webpage), or there is any policy omission in our printed Catalog, the policies of our Online Catalog always apply and prevail. Offer descriptions and prices found on this webpage prevail over all others. If you have any questions about privacy and other policies after reading all of policies.htm, please email (don't call) us with them (put "Policies Question"in Subject Line).

Consumertronics privacy and other policies apply to all purchases and all other contacts => www.consumertronics.net/policies.htm.

NOTE: Policies.htm also describes policies relating to Manuscript Submissions, Reviews, Articles, Interviews, Dealers, Sellers, Re-Sellers, Infringers, et al).

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Prefer to trade rather than buy our products and services? Have items you no longer need but we do? Short of cash? We are interested in trading and buying (and also selling) numerous electronic parts, electronic test equipment, hardware, modern computer systems, computer peripherals, software, printing / publishing equipment / parts / supplies, books, small parts, scientific equipment, industrial equipment, commercial equipment, et al - too numerous to list here! For details of some of the items we are interested in trading for or buying from you that can eliminate or much reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for, see our items4trade.htm website, CLICK HERE =>
Items for Trade/Items to Buy/Items for Sale
and here => ABQ-Techzonics

We are especially interested in large quantities of small electronic parts, such as ICs and transistors (we are NOT interested in most used/large/heavy/bulky parts, no dirty/defective parts, no radios/TVs/VCRs/illegal or similar items [with the exception that we are interested in vintage and antique radios in good condition]). And we are also especially interested in modern PC laptops, peripherals, electronic test equipment, digital cameras, camcorders, IPods, et al. Since we now buy and sell much stuff from auctions, flea markets and garage sales, we generally apply those types of prices for trades. Please do not phone or fax us about what you have/want: Write or email us (preferred, do NOT include any attachment that does not have a .txt, .htm, .html, .jpg, .gif or .pdf (allow printing) format - describe in full in your email message itself, and in your Subject line, put: "ITEM(s) FOR BUY, SELL OR TRADE"). Mutual agreement and prior approval is required before you ship us trade Items. Please do NOT send any item until a written, explicit mutual agreement results. Just describe what you wish to buy, sell or trade, its condition, quantity, and the price acceptable to you. IF we are interested in buying, selling or trading for it, we will contact you accordingly. $50 minimum item.

CRITICAL IMPORTANCE OF RESEARCH DONATIONS: Mind control and electronic attacks are the scourge of this century! An horrific scourge that very few in law enforcement will even consider addressing, forcing Targeted Individuals (TIs) to go on their own. However, we at Consumertronics, constantly do research, design and development (R&D) into mind control and electronic attack technologies - for decades now - as well as in many other critical technologies (eg: energy, personal security and survival, radionics, etc., see our webpages). Clearly, new electronic attack technologies and methods are constantly being developed and deployed by the perps. Our sophisticated scientific R&D efforts are very costly to do (try buying a new spectrum analyzer lately?), and are paid for by both Clients who purchase devices from us and donors - people who are smart enough to know that our R&D results can translate into devices which can be applied to their specific problems and the problems of so many others like them. Donors greatly help support our R&D with their generous donations. In short, both paid CD projects and donations are highly welcomed and needed. So please purchase publications and hardware from us (techzonics.com), and please donate as much as you can and as soon as you can. For those who provide us substantial donations, we will often steer our R&D in directions that may help them. Furthermore, if we can find a way to legally provide valued donors the devices of interest to them that we do not normally provide to the general public, even if it requires special R&D on our part, we will do our reasonable best to accommodate their needs and the needs of other non-donors like them. How much we are able to do R&D more in a direction of interest to a donor depends on the type of R&D efforts that must be made, the results the donor is interested in, the R&D's applicability to many other non-donors with similar interests and for the greater good, whether or not it is the R&D we would have made anyway if we had the resources prior to the donation, and to what extent the donation makes it possible for us to do this R&D. Any payment made to us that does not specifically and explicitly state that it is payment for a specific publication, hardware or Special Projects (SP), will be considered by us to be a donation, and we salute you for that. We very strongly appreciate our valuable supporters, so please buy our publications and hardware (or contract with us for a Special Projects), and please donate. - Thanks. John Williams

ABOUT ESTIMATED WORD COUNTS ("words") : As a customer service, to provide our customers a good estimate of the amount of info in each of our books & manuals, we use Estimated Word Count (EWC), and not the usual page counts others may provide. Some publishers deceptively inflate page counts by grossly underfilling many of their pages - even counting blank pages! And while our pubs are mostly a comfortable 8.5"x11", page size of most books of others are less - 5"x7"being fairly typical (less than 1/3rd of our typical text area!). Clearly, a much more accurate estimate of content is word count. The simple format we use is: "words=xx.xK", where "xx.x"is the word count to its nearest 100 words (e.g. "words=9.8K"means, "Estimated word count of 9,800 words"). Most of our word counts result from a utility or plug-in provided by our desktop publishing program (e.g. Pagemaker). OUR EWCs ARE CONSERVATIVE: They do not include most words in graphics formats, expanded abbreviations and acronyms, disk text, index, ToC, cover page, and biblio., as applicable. We use "words=1.0+K"to mean an unestimated word count but known to exceed 1.0K (e.g. upcoming pubs). NOTE: We usually won't update EWCs for publication updates that change less than 10% in text, and large updates that delete much obsolete text may result in a better publication but with LESS words. Consumertronics sells information and does so comprehensively, concisely and precisely, with minimal BS and duplication. We try our best to provide you QUALITY information in detail - the biggest bang for your buck that we reasonably can. Thanks for selecting Consumertronics to meet your high-tech security and survival needs. - John Williams, M.S.E.E., publisher

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NOTE: Consumertronics products and services are sold for legal educational and entertainment purposes only. Some of Consumertronics hi-tech offers are controversial. If you are a minor or have a legal guardian, please seek the advice of your parent or legal guardian. Consumertronics takes no responsibility for anything it publishes, sells, buys or trades.

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